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Benicky System

Benicky Training System is producing great game performance! 

Learning the superior techniques is based on the quality of training know-how. We know that application of effective training techniques will accelerate athlete’s game success.  

We have done this on many occasions... In last two decades we have helped Stanley Cup winners, Olympic gold medalists, MVP’s at IIHF World Championships and helped many young players to be chosen in first round of NHL draft.  (We have the references!)

Testimonial:   NHL coach Barry Trotz sums it well:  

“Benicky Training Systems gets your body and mind working together, what players can not do normally he will get them to perform better, the players become more explosive, they become better players, every young player or even pro should use it, it’s a top line system”. 

  • Claude Lemieux thanks to Dusan
  • Martin Karyia's skating stride analysis
  • Skatemill session
  • Zdeno Chara knee alignment and strength workout
  • Gilbert Brule training shooting in full speed on Skatemill
  • Tomas Vokoun balance training with Dusan Benicky
  • Zdeno Chara shoulder workout with Dusan Benicky
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