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Results & Components of Benicky Training System


Athleticism and Conditioning for Hockey is very different mainly because locomotion is skating!


Benicky Training System  will get you the results:

  • great athlete learn faster  
  • skate more explosively 
  • injury resilient and confident athlete
  • perform better under the stress
  • play hockey more years


Skating is the most crucial component.


Explosive skating allows players to create game breaking situations, we have the tools to make you explosive skater:  

  • have a great start
  • be smooth in transition 
  • utilize full length of a stride
  • reach the top speed 

Our extensive skating research created the most effective skating methodology combining gym, skatemill and on ice training. The NHL players we have trained played 20 years in NHL!

We have helped many players with groin injuries and returned them back to the ice (in one case player with 4 Stanley Cups was released from the NHL club, we helped him to skate without the pain and back to NHL action.


 Puck Skills are created by combining Athleticism, Skating and Soft Hands.


Great Puck Control in full speed is artistry training.  



 Hockey Integration is where Benicky Training System excels.


We have developed hockey training system, where training demands on intensity, difficulty of integration exceed the common on ice situations. This system is resulting superior performance as ice becomes easy to perform on...



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